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Boost in organic traffic

Boost in Organic Traffic for Local Auto Detailing Shop


Dr. Detail is an auto detailing company that also specializes in wheel repair. They are a local business based in Brampton, Ontario which is located in the Greater Toronto Area.
dr detail overview


Dr.Detail was aware of the importance of having a strong presence online in order to generate leads for their business. They were previously working with an SEO and Web Design Agency, but we’re not seeing the results that they were hoping for. They reached out to me with the goal of increasing the amount of organic traffic to their website in order to help generate more leads for their business.


When Dr.Detail reached out to us we knew we had to begin with a complete audit of both their website as well their online presence. Once our team had an in-depth look into everything were able to put together a plan of action for how we could help them reach their goals.

Research and Planning

We began the project by conducting research and putting together a plan of action.


  • 1) We started off by conducting an audit of Dr.Details website as well as researching their online presence
  • 2) We then conducted a detailed competitor analysis which helped me determine what backlinks their top competitors had been successful with and also what keywords they were appearing for
  • 3) We performed additional keyword research to determine what keywords to target using various different marketing tools such as Sem Rush and Google Keyword Planner
  • 4) Once the audit and research portion was completed, we put together a detailed plan of action of how I could help Dr.Detail reach their goals

On-Page SEO

Once the research phase was concluded, Our team began by redesigning Dr.Details website and optimizing the website for SEO around the keywords we were looking to target.

We performed the following optimizations:


  • 1) Optimized Alt image tags
  • 2) Optimized page titles and URL Handles
  • 3) Created content to display on the website
  • 4) Created copy to use to turn the meta descriptions into ads


Once the website was redesigned and optimized for SEO we submitted the sitemap to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools for indexing.

Google My Business

Since Dr.Detail is a local service-based business, Google My Business is a big factor for ranking in the Maps section as well as the local google search results.

We began by auditing Dr.Details Google My Business account and then optimized it for best results.


Backlinks are a big factor in ranking local businesses in Google Search Results. We used the data we discovered during the research phase to acquire numerous high-quality backlinks for Dr.Detail.


Since we were unaware of what the previous agency had done in terms of SEO for Dr.Detail, We needed to do an extensive audit to determine if they had used any black hat tactics (unethical strategies to boost SEO rankings that can severely damage a businesses rankings if discovered by Google).


Traffic Trend

Over time the SEO work that was conducted has been steadily increasing the organic traffic to Dr.Details website.

Keyword Rankings

Dr. Detail is now ranking for various different high-quality keywords that brings them an increasing amount of traffic which results in more customers every month.

Domain Authority + Backlinks

Dr.Detail now has a very strong domain and page authority from the various amounts of backlinks We were able to acquire for them.


Dr. Detail now has a steady amount of organic traffic coming to their website on a daily basis. Due to this, they are now acquiring new long-term customers on a regular basis.