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Dr. Detail

6.06x ROAS and 16.43% conversion rate within 4 months of campaign and account launch for Dr.Detail




Increase Calls




Decreased Cost/Call


Dr. Detail is an Auto Detailing company that also specializes in Wheel repair.

Dr. Detail’s goal was to get high-quality targeted leads to their website to have them call the business and book a service appointment.

Before working with me, Dr.Detail had been getting their clients mostly through trade shows, word of mouth, and an online classified listing platform called Kijiji (similar to craigslist).

We suggested that the best way to do this would be to run Google Search Ads to target people in their service location who were searching for the services that they provide.

dr detail overview


Our team began the project with the research phase. We conducted a meeting and strategy session with Dr. Detail, so we could learn the ins and outs of the business and what services they wanted to promote as well as get a strong understanding of their target market.

Landing Page Design

Since the goal was the goal was to generate phone call leads for Dr.Details business via Google Ads, we knew how important it was for Dr.Detail to have a high converting landing page to help them generate as many phone calls as possible from the highly targeted traffic that we would be directing to their site.

Once the research was completed we determined that the best course of action to maximize results was to build a highly optimized landing page with a strong call to action, designed to convert visitors into long-term customers.

We designed the landing page to incentivize the visitor to call the business to book an appointment. At the top of the page in the hero image, we included that specific call to action.

Under the hero image, Dr.Detail wanted to display a portfolio of some of the work they have done, so the visitors could get a visual of some of the high-quality work Dr.Detail does daily.


We then created sales copy to use with the pricing section, so potential customers can get an idea of the different types of wheel repair services that Dr.Detail offers. We also included a clickable “book an appointment” line of text that directs customers to the contact info section when clicked.

Consumer Safety Notice

Under the pricing section, we displayed a notice explaining that consumer safety is Dr. Detail’s first priority and that their certified technicians will first inspect the customer’s wheels to ensure it is safe to repair.

About Us/Who We Are

We then included an about us section where Dr.Detail can speak on all of the reasons that they have been in business for 35+ years. Under that, we included links to their social media accounts.

Contact Info

Finally, we finished off the landing page with Dr.Detail’s contact information. We included click-to-call, click-to-email, and click-to-maps features to make contacting them as seamless as possible.

Account Set-Up

Once we had access to the required accounts we began by setting up and configuring all of Dr.Detail’s Google accounts including Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Ads, and Google Tag Manager. We then integrated the accounts with their website and set up conversion tracking so we can track the calls to the business. We then tested everything to ensure it was set up and configured properly.

Campaign Planning

We began the planning phase by going over the information from my initial interview with Dr.Detail. Once this was complete we conducted a thorough competitor analysis and performed in-depth keyword research to determine what keywords we should target.

We then started to create the campaign based on my research and the information received from the meeting with Dr.Detail.

We set up location targeting to only target people searching for wheel repair services within a certain proximity to their business.

We set up multiple different extensions including site link, callout, call, structured snippet, and location extensions. These extensions are to help with the performance of the account and are also proven to help quality score, which will assist in lowering ad costs and increasing ad position.

Campaign Launch

Once the research was conducted, the accounts were set up, and the campaign was created, we were ready to launch.

Here are the results from the first month:

The first month of the campaign launch was a success, with Dr.Detail bringing in $903 in revenue on $500 in ad spend.

We were able to calculate revenue and lifetime customer value based on the numbers Dr.Detail provided us (stats from previous customers as well as statistics from their sales team). In month one Dr.Detail is expecting $897.18 in annual lifetime value from the clients they gained from the campaign in addition to the $903 they brought in from the initial revenue.

Average lifetime value breakdown:

Customer Repeat Rate = 16.5%
Average annual spend per customer = $362.50

15 conversions x 16.5% repeat rate = 2.475

2.475 x $362.50 average annual spend per customer

= $897.18 average annual value

Campaign Management/Optimization

Although the campaign was already generating leads and customers after just one month, there was plenty of room for improvement. After getting some data from the first month, our team was able to begin performing optimizations to increase the campaign’s performance.


  • 1) Setting and adjusting target CPC at the keyword level
  • 2) Sculpting campaigns to ensure the right search terms were appearing for the right keywords
  • 3) Adding negative keywords for search terms we don’t want to show up for
  • 4) Optimizing at the geographic level
  • 5) Optimize at the device level
  • 6) Optimize ad schedule
  • 7) Troubleshooting various issues with not getting enough traffic for specific keywords, Low CTR, Impressions lost to rank and other metrics that may need improvement
  • 8) Performing additional research for new keywords to add and campaigns to launch


With regular optimizations and management, we were able to increase the performance of the campaign dramatically!

Here are the results from the next 3 months:

The next 3 months of the campaign were a major success, with Dr.Detail bringing in $8,850.00 in revenue on $1435.71 in ad spend.

Based on the numbers Dr.Detail provided me (stats from previous customers) they are also expecting $7,057.87 in annual lifetime value from the clients they gained from the campaign.

That’s a total of $15,907.87 in revenue over the next 12 months from just $1435.71 in ad spend.

Average lifetime value breakdown:

Customer Repeat Rate = 16.5%
Average annual spend per customer = $362.50

118 conversions x 16.5% repeat rate = 19.47

19.47 x $362.50 average annual spend per customer

= $7,057.87 average annual value

By performing data analysis and regular optimizations on the campaign I was able to make the following improvements.


  • 1) Increased average monthly revenue from $903 to $2,950.00 (while slightly lowering ad spend)
  • 2) Increased average monthly phone calls from 15 to 39
  • 3) Decreased cost per call from $33.28 to $12.38
  • 4) Increased conversion rate from 6.07% to 16.43%
  • 5) Increased return on ad spend from 1.81 to 6.06


Dr. Detail is ecstatic with the results and we are looking forward to seeing further increases in performance on their campaigns.


Month 1 Month 2-4
Cost $500 $1,435.71
Cost (Monthly Average) $500 $478.57
Conversion Value (Revenue) $903 $8,850.00
Conversion Value (Revenue) Monthly average $903 $2,950.00
Lifetime value of customer $897.18 Annually $7,057.87 Annually
Conversions 15 118
Cost/cov $33.28 $12.38
Conversion Rate 6.07% 16.43%
Conv. value/cost (ROAS) 1.81 6.06