case study


Generating $139,236.30 in revenue on just $8,648.82 (16.10x) in ad spend with PPC Ads




Average Sale


The client is a Canadian Sales, Marketing and Distribution Company of Fence. Trellis, and Animal Management Product Solutions. They represent and work with many of the leading manufacturers around the globe. Their product lines are specifically chosen to represent quality products that will get a superior result in the most economical way.


Before coming to us, the client was generating the majority of their E-Commerce sales via organic traffic but had not yet used any paid online advertising strategies.

The client wanted to promote a few different product and category lines to potential customers online but were unaware of the best strategies to use.

Their goal was to scale revenue while maintaining a high return on ad spend.


The client serves a very niche market, as their customer base is mainly farmers located all across Canada. The challenge we faced was finding that small target market and creating the right advertisement and messaging that would convey the benefits of the client’s products.



Before beginning the project we had an in-depth introductory meeting and strategy session with the client to learn about their business, the goals they were looking to achieve and the target market we were aiming to reach.

Upon conclusion of the meeting, the client and our team had determined that Facebook Ads would be a great starting point for marketing their products online.

We then performed research on their industry and conducted an in-depth competitor analysis to see what their top competitors were doing to market their products online. Once the research was completed, we created a tailored Facebook Ads strategy that would be used to help the client reach their online advertising goals.


Once the strategy was put together we began to set up the client’s Facebook Ads account and started to implement the strategy that we created.

We created a Facebook pixel and installed it on the client’s website so we could track conversions and create custom audiences to target.

We created a product feed using a premium inventory management/product feed service (Data Feed Watch). Once the feed was set up and optimized, we created a catalogue in Facebook, so we could promote the client’s products.

Audience Targeting

Once the initial setup was done, we created multiple custom audiences to be used to reach the client’s target market within Facebook Ads. We then created multiple audiences that were broken down into the following two categories:


  • Prospecting (To find new customers that were unfamiliar with the clients brand)
  • Retargeting (To market potential customers that had previously interacted with the client’s website, but had not yet made a purchase)

Ad Creation

After the custom audiences had been set up. We began creating ads for each of the different campaigns we were looking to launch. We gathered multiple different high-quality images to use for each ad, so we could run ab tests to determine which images performed the best. Our team then created multiple different variations of ad copy that we could test with the ads.

Once the custom audiences were set up and the ads were created, we launched the first batch of campaigns.

Campaign Management, Optimizations & AB Testing

Throughout the course of the year of management, we performed regular optimizations on the campaigns to ensure the client could achieve optimal performance and reach their paid advertising goals.

We then ran ab tests and tested multiple different variables such as images, headlines, and ad copy to ensure we could consistently improve the results throughout the duration of management.

Our team then tested different audiences and creatives in order to maximize the client’s ad spend and launched more campaigns to promote other categories and products successfully.

We continuously monitored each campaign’s budget and reallocated the budget when necessary to ensure we could achieve optimal results for the campaigns.

We conducted meetings with the client and made regular suggestions for things that could be done to improve the performance and help them scale their revenue and profit.


After approximately one year of management, our team was able to help the client exceed their online advertising goals as we managed to generate $139,236.30 in revenue on just $8,647.74 in ad spend (16.10x ROAS). The client is very pleased with the results and we have now begun to branch out Google Ads to further scale their profit and revenue.

Reach Impressions Cost per Result Amount Spent Website Purchases Purchase Conversion Value Purchase ROAS
Cattle Vac Box – Category Promotion 44,248 161,861 $68.81Per Purchase $550.47 8 $9,992.94 18.15
Livestock Traceability – Category Promotion 73,619 284,179 $50.24Per Purchase $2,009.43 40 $43,943.11 21.87
Electric Fencing Category Promotion 104,096 359,227 $58.76Per Purchase $1,410.24 24 $14,500.56 10.28
Homepage Retargeting 23,040 126,494 $89.43Per Purchase $1,252.06 14 $11,159.91 8.91
Catalog Sales 7,693 471,508 $44.50Per Purchase $3,426.62 77 $59,639.78 17.40