case study

Flotte Handwerker

Website/Landing Page Created to Capture Leads for Local Pest Extermination Company


Flotte Handwerker is a pest extermination company from Germany. Flotte Handwerker was looking for a website where potential clients could find them online and view the different services they offer. Their goal is to capture leads by having visitors call their business.

We designed their website with usability in mind. I made sure that the website had lightning-fast loading times and also ensured that it performed flawlessly on all devices.


Since we don’t speak German, we had to work closely alongside the client to ensure Iour team understood the copy and content they wanted to add to the website. That way we could design the site so it was optimized to convert visitors into leads.



We started the project by conducting an interview with the client. During the interview, we learned about the client’s business, the goals that they were looking to achieve as well as what they were looking for in terms of the website. After this process concluded, we began to plan the layout and design of the website.

flotte handwerker overview


We designed their navigation menu with a few key sections:


  1. Home
  2. Services (dropdown with separate pages for each service they offer)
  3. About Us
  4. Contact Us


We installed a chatbot to help them capture leads and also provide better customer service to potential customers visiting their site

Design, Functionality, and Call to Action

Our team designed the main hero image with a clickable call button that automatically dials their business’s number when a visitor clicks the button. Having a strong call to action is proven to help increase conversions rates.

Flotte Handweker’s goal of the website/landing page is to convert visitors into leads, by having them call the business in order to schedule a service. Due to this goal, our team made sure to emphasize this call to action button and optimize the website for this particular conversion action.

Services Breakdown

Below the Hero image is a service breakdown section, which highlights the different types of services that Flotte Handweker provides. Each service has a clickable “learn more” section that redirects visitors to a dedicated page for that particular service.

About Us

We included an about us section with clickable links to all of Flotte Handwerkers’ social media channels.

Within the about us section I included a functional click to call phone number so visitors can contact Flotte Handwerker by clicking on the number.

Sales Video Implementation/Service Explainer

Under the “about us” section we added a sales video that Flotte Handwerker produced to promote their services.


Reviews are one of the most crucial factors that potential customers look at when deciding which provider to choose for their desired service. That’s why I included an aesthetically pleasing review section where they can display reviews from some of their highly satisfied customers. This is a great way for Flotte Handwerker to build trust in their brand as well as build social proof.

Contact Us

At the bottom of the homepage is the contact us section. We built in both a click to call button that dials the contact number when clicked, as well as a click to email button that opens a visitor’s email application when clicked.


After the completion of the website, Flotte Handwerker now has a fully functional, highly optimized website and landing page in order to convert visitors into leads for their pest extermination service.