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JH Real Estate

Landing Page Designed to Capture Leads for Local Real Estate Agent


John Hartwell is a Real Estate Agent based out of Los Angeles California. John’s goal was to generate high-quality leads for his business and promote his services online.

After speaking with John we determined that the best way to do this was through Google Search Text Ads combined with retargeting and lookalike/similar audiences on Facebook and the Google Display Network. In order to run a successful PPC campaign, it’s extremely important to have a well-designed landing page to convert visitors into leads after they click on an ad.


John was looking to generate high-quality leads for his business but didn’t have a website to direct visitors to. We knew that the best course of action was to create a highly optimized landing page to use with the promotion of their services.



Our team began the project by conducting an in-depth interview, where we learned more about John’s business and the goals that he was looking to achieve.

After the interview, we determined that the best way for John to capture leads was through a form submission where clients could put in a request for John to contact them.

Web Design

With so many users now browsing on mobile and tablet, we ensured to build a site with not just lightning-fast load times, but a site that is highly responsive on all devices.

jh real estate overview

Lead Capture/Call to Action

Since John’s goal was to capture leads for his business. We included two calls to action right in the main hero image of his site.


  1. A click to call phone number, which makes it easy and seamless for his visitors to call him
  2. A contact form for visitors to fill out so they can ask any questions they may have. The form then sends the information to John’s team via email. It can also be easily integrated with a CRM system.

Featured Properties

John also wanted to include a section where he could display some of his featured properties. We built that section in right under the Hero image.

Why Choose Me?

Under the featured properties section, we included a “why choose me” section where John can go into more depth about his business and what separates him from his competitors. We built in clickable links to all of his social media channels.


We finished the page off with a contact us section where all of the contact information for JH Realty is displayed. All of the phone numbers have click-to-call enabled and when clicked, John’s email address opens the visitor’s email application so they can email John with ease.


John now has a fully functional landing page and website that will be used to generate leads for his business.