case study

Southwest Performance Parts

Scaling monthly revenue from $26,552 to $121,234.85 in just 2 months for High-Performance Auto Parts Company






Conversion rate


Google ROAS


The client is a distributor and retailer of high-performance automotive parts for racing, street, and off-road use. They extend excellent customer service and a complete line of high-quality products to speed shops, auto part merchants, machine shops, and chassis and engine builders. They generate sales for their ecommerce website via paid online advertisements such as Google Ads.

When the client came to us, they had previously been running Google Ads to generate sales for their business, however, their campaigns were not profitable and they were losing money.

The client came to me with the goal of first converting customers profitably with Google Ads and then scaling monthly revenue as high as possible so they could increase their customer base and maximize their bottom line


When the client came to us, they had previously been running Google Ads to generate sales for their business, however, their campaigns were not profitable and they were losing money while spending $18,019.21/month at only a 0.38% conversion rate and a 1.47X ROAS.

They had previously hired a Google Ads Manager but were unable to get the results that they desired. The client was losing money, so we knew that we had to turn things around quickly in order to minimize the financial loss and help the client get to profitability as soon as possible.


As soon as we had an initial look into the account, we knew that an extensive audit of the entire account was the best way to get things started and began to map out the steps to follow to help the client achieve their goals and get to profitability.

our process


Account audit


Marketing plan


Strategy session


Final marketing plan


Campaign restructuring


Competitor Analysis


Keyword research


Creation of ad copy


Creation ad extensions


Additional campaign restructuring


Account / campaign optimization


Ongoing campaign management

When we first began to audit the account we discovered that there were many different campaigns running that were not performing well overall but did have some data that could be used to improve the performance.

After the initial audit of the client’s account and campaigns, we put together a marketing plan to present to the client. We then conducted an interview and strategy session with the client to learn more about their business and get any necessary information that was needed to help them get to profitability.

We then began the initial campaign restructuring process which included turning off what wasn’t working. This allowed us to reduce any further financial loss from unsuccessful campaigns.

We then performed an extensive analysis of their top competitors to see what was working well for them. After that was completed we performed additional keyword research which would be used later during the optimization and restructuring phase.

The next steps were to create ad extensions and new ad copy to be used with the ads. This would later assist in increasing quality score and increasing ad performance.

After the above steps were completed, we continued with additional campaign restructuring and began to optimize all of the campaigns using the research that was conducted.

Once the initial optimization and restructuring process was complete we recommended to the client that we also market on Facebook Ads. The client agreed and we then created a strategy for Facebook Ads based around retargeting and lookalike audiences so we could use some of the data that we already had to scale results faster.

As the campaigns were running, we performed regular management and optimizations on them in order to continuously increase the performance. We also created and launched new campaigns.


The main complication that we expereinced was time frame the client needed to turn things around in. This was something we kept top of mind and ensured to be measuring the results closely as we made changes within the acccount. By being well aware of this, allocating the necessary resources, as well as implementing our proven process that has worked for many of our other clients, we managed to begin to turn things around very quickly.


After restructuring the campaigns and just one month of management, we managed to see a large increase in performance as we managed to increase revenue from $26,552USD/month to $62,342USD/month.

Within just two months we saw an even more dramatic increase in performance as we managed to increase monthly revenue to $121,234.85USD/month, which was a 356.59% increase from pre-management. We also managed to increase the Return on Ad Spend to 4.57X which was a 210.88% increase from pre management.

See performance data in the tables below:

Month Prior to management Month 2 of management Notes
Ad Spend $18,019.21 $26,521.89 47.19% Increase in Ad Spend
Conversions 275.88 1385.41 402.17% Increase in Conversions
Conversion Value/Revenue  $26,552 $121,234.85 356.59% Increase in Revenue
Conversion Rate 0.38% 1.68% 342.10% Increase in Conversion Rate
ROAS 1.47 4.57 210.88% Increase in ROAS